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An Evening Out

I’m just off out for the evening. Do you like my dress? And the way I have styled my hair? Let me show you what I’m wearing underneath. After all, I think some underwear is just too gorgeous not to show. So let me lift up my dress so you can see my sexy panties, garter belt and my fully fashioned stockings. If I turn around you will see my panties are see through. And if I just slip out of the top of my dress, you can see how my bra cups my huge natural breasts, but only just, it can barely contain them.
Well that’s enough for now, I’m going to be late. So why don’t you wait up for me, and you can take a closer look at what I’m wearing when I get back.

An Evening Out

Pantyhose and Stockings

What's a girl supposed to do when she can't choose what to wear on her legs? Pantyhose or stockings? Why, wear both of course! The feel of a fully fashioned stocking over the shiny pantyhose is just so arousing. My legs encased with a double nylon layer, my pussy covered with the gusset of the pantyhose. But not for long. I cant resist pushing my long red fingernails into the pantyhose and ripping open the gusset to expose and explore myself.

Pantyhose and Stockings
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